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HUMANIZE is a series of lectures (presential or virtual) prepared for the work environment,  during which relevant themes and day to day challenges within organizations are addressed, finding humain and constructive solutions to overcome these difficulties.


A safe communication environment is created, through which we use the lens of emotional intelligence to analyze topics such as "difficulty in saying no", "releasing yourself from the need to control", "knowing how to lead difficult conversations". We take advantage of participant's concrete examples to "deconstruct" them to individual accountability and emotional management.

It is an efficient and enjoyable way for participants to acquire fundamental soft skills, to empower the best in themselves and to create a group spirit.


In a natural way, these lectures promote positive cycles of change and create conditions for the work environment to also be an opportunity for growth, authenticity, vulnerability, creativity, and inclusion.

Each organization can choose the topics that are most relevant to them according to their needs at any given time. In the Keynotes Detail below, you can see the description of the 24 most relevant topics that the organizations we've worked with have chosen.

The feedback has been amazing!

João Leite's lecture was very important in the context of our team’s motivation and confidence. Collecting everyone’s feedback, I can conclude that we became stronger and more sensitive to the stress environment that surrounds us on our daily lifes and how we can be responsible to change it from within. I really appreciate the healthy experience and all that was shared by João!

André Macedo – Direção Marketing da CGD
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