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I am an optimist and an unconditional believer in people

I have successfully worked about 20 years in investment management (both in local and international companies) where I learned a lot, both from positive experiences as well as difficult ones. In addition to my degree, I did several management training programs, in particular the Program for Management Development at IMD in Switzerland, which gave me an increased understanding of the importance of self-awareness and inner regulation in relationship management in a professional context. All these experiences have helped me to have a realistic perception of the most common difficulties and challenges in the work environment in an ever-changing world.

​Tired of feeling like I wasn’t living in line with my life purpose and the wish to feel "alive" and authentic, triggered me to pursue a new professional direction.

​I have always believed that companies could be a place where people could be authentic and explore their fullest potential. In 2016, my willingness to actively contribute to this "humanization" of companies, took me to the U.S. to learn from the team that developed Google's famous Emotional Intelligence program. It was an amazing program with exceptional teachers, where I learned to use scientifically tested  tools that, when applied regularly, have a direct impact on our well-being. My certification as a mindfulness coach was a time of incredible interior transformation. That's when I knew I could be happy at work. 

Since then, I have led many Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence programs in organizations, with the aim of enhancing the best in participants, increasing their emotional awareness and improving their quality of life. I am also a University professor, where I teach the same topics in programs that are true laboratories of interior transformation (for both students and professor!).

​Simultaneously, I did my professional coaching certification (with the International Coaching Federation), which gave me the methodology and tools to work individually with each person. Based on my experience, I have created my own methodology to help others discover their Life Purpose. This process has already been successfully applied to many people and I feel a deep joy when I see them aligned with what they believe and contribute to causes greater than their own self-interest. 

​I continue to have a natural curiosity and an insatiable willingness to continue learning.

I am a father, a yoga and meditation practitioner, a lover of nature and animals, an inveterate reader, and an amateur poet. I love being around a table with friends, making fun of ourselves or talking about serious topics.

​Life has been amazing, challenging, exciting, and sometimes scary.

​I want to remain humble, curious, and remain faithful to my purpose, which is to "serve others with attention and generosity."

João Pereira Leite

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