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Life coaching is a process of personal development that, among other things, focuses on increasing self-awareness, reviewing life goals, changing individual behaviours and setting personal challenges to reach your long-standing goals.

The Coaching format works as a co-construction between coach and yourself. It is accomplished through a series of questions designed to help you recognise, accept and build on your strengths. Through answering these questions, you’ll get insights and become aware of new solutions to reach your goals. It also highlights inner conflicts or limiting beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your maximum potential. In this process, the coach helps you to move from the current situation you intend to change, to the future situation which you want to achieve.

At SEED, we believe every coachee has all the resources to achieve their objectives. The results come from the coachee’s intention, commitment, choices, and actions. We treat each person uniquely, respecting their individuality, trusting their values, timing, creativity, and ability to change.


Sometimes it seems that however much we try, we can't make progress on our own. If you need an experienced, understanding, and dedicated partner to help you achieve what you wish for, SEED is the right partner.

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