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This interactive workshop aims to explain why emotional intelligence is becoming a relevant and necessary competence for all organizations, and how this can transform employees’ personal and professional lives.

The workshop will address the benefits of emotional intelligence in the context of the workplace, giving concrete examples of how mindfulness can help us align ourselves with our truth and accept difference, innovation, change and uncertainty.

There will be opportunity to try some mindfulness practices that are focused on bringing our attention to what’s going on in our mind and body. The idea is to be able to generate interest in exploring a competence that is trainable, that expands our levels of consciousness and that can clearly improve well-being.

Having the privilege of experiencing the Mindfulness workshop was extremely rewarding. In an honest and intelligent way, João (who effectively "walks his talk") inspired me to open my horizons to the importance of simply "being present in the here and now", as a way to enhance not only my performance as a professional, but also, and above all, enjoy life in it’s fullest.

Sofia Esteves, Consulting Manager, SAS
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